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We are the team behind Funky Frankwell, the website and social media campaign that put Frankwell firmly on the map. Featured on Radio Shropshire and generating a following of over 1000 people in Shrewsbury, the project was a big success.

What we do

Collaborative and Creative. We work closely with our clients across a variety of disciplines to understand and agree web design requirements. The initial work will be done via workshops, either face to face or by Zoom, the output from the workshops will form the basis of the web site structure. From here we develop the visual design and creative content to make you stand out.


User Experience

The User Experience depends on the aim of the project – e-commerce, community, corporate identity. The structure of the site is inferred from the aim, the structure defines the menus.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity covers not only the logos and social media marks, but also the look & feel of the entire site. We generate a “style bible” unique to you; a document that records the colours, fonts and layout of the site.

Web Development

We cut our teeth on raw html back in the 1990’s. Progressed through Perl, JavaScript, CSS and J2EE in the  Noughties and found ourselves hacking WordPress and Moodle themes in 2000.

Digital Marketing

A web site without a marketing strategy is like a fish without chips.  We align the web site design with the Business Strategy and develop a Digital Marketing Strategy to make sure that all roads lead to your web site.

Web Design

 We generally work with pre-existing WordPress themes such as Divi and Semplice. This gives us the speed and flexibility to hand over the site at the end of the project knowing that it will be well supported.

Photography & Video

We have been content creators for 20 years, providing content for Broadcast TV as well as Web Sites and E-Commerce. Our content is original, beautifully produced and engaging. 

Our Skills

Our Web Design skills are in three areas – Design, Infrastructure and Maintenance. You don’t have to worry about the messy stuff such as SSL, Domains, Hosting, Backups and Software updates. We do it for you!

We have partnerships with a number of specialist hosting companies. The industry has moved a long way from the bare metal approach of the last decade.

We prefer to use hosting built on solid state drives and managed by large IT companies like Google, IBM & Amazon. This brings security, speed and savings to the project.

  • Design
  • Infrastructure
  • Maintenance
Web Design - Shropshire

In 2000 we designed one of the first E-Commerce web sites in the UK, for Creelers Seafood Restaurant in Edinburgh. We’ve come a long way since then..

Check out our latest web site – HappyCamper4U a celebration of the UK Camping Lifestyle and a place to hire a luxury VW Camper based in Shrewsbury.

We designed and built the site, launched on 7th July 2020, wrote the copy, provided the photography and designed and implemented social media campaigns including PPC and sponsored posts to attract an audience to the site, centred on Twitter and Facebook.

We will be promoting this site for the next twelve months, providing social media updates, writing new posts and making sure that the site is alive and kicking well into its second year!

web design Shropshire

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