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20 years in digital marketing including Clockwork Web, IBM and Helter Skelter Studios creating content and designing web sites.

We’ll be condensing those 20 years into easily accessible practical advice on how to build a successful contemporary brand – website design, social media and marketing.

Web Site Design

why you need one, how you get one and where you host it. We’ll be looking at the best platforms and builders, WordPress, Wix and Squarespace.

We’ll also be looking at traffic – how you get people to view your wonderful new website!

Social media, SEO and PPC

Three types of traffic, organic traffic, search traffic and owned traffic. You need all three, but  why?

Our aim is to help businesses understand the digital landscape, make the right choices, avoid the pitfalls and ride the digital wave successfully.



Chris Wright

Chris Wright


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Recent Episodes

An Intro to Digital Skin

What we’re about and why. A short introduction to your host and some of the topics we will be discussing this month.

Google Ads Strategy for Small Business

Our Google Ads strategy for small business was conceived in 2020 based on campaigns we ran for clients with less than 20 employees. None of them were e-commerce sites, all of them offered services and their intent initially was to draw attention to a single aspect of...

Finding the Best Keywords for your Website

Finding the best keywords for your website is much more complicated than simply choosing words that reflect the content. Searchability and competition are also big factors in making the right choice. Essentially you need to balance the likelihood of the search term...

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