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We work with brands, charities and educators to design digital marketing strategies that include PPC campaigns increasing awareness, consideration and ultimately conversion.

What we do

We are Google Certified Digital Marketing & SEO experts and we design campaigns that build awareness of your brand, encourage consideration of your products and convert browsers into customers.



Search Engine Optimisation is the engine on which digital marketing is built. Your web site contributes to the quality of your advertising by being easy to use, relevant and delivering value

Brand Identity

Branding is key to awareness. A good brand is memorable in a way that words rarely manage. We build a brand that people recognise and remember

Google Ads

Google Certified experts in Google Ads Search, Display & Video. We create campaigns that are reflected and enhanced by the content of your web site. We build Awareness, encourage Consideration and enhance Conversion.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

Digital Marketing & SEO that is results driven. The science behind SEO, Google Ads and Pay per click advertising is complex and nuanced. By combining these two specialisms, we turn your website into a marketing machine.

14 years experience of consultancy with IBM and the detailed technical knowledge required to make Digital Marketing count.

Working closely with your marketing and sales teams we devise winning digital strategies to bring your marketing and sales into the modern day.

Digital Marketing | PPC | Shropshire

Our Approach

We say that successful PPC campaigns start with your web site. The content it contains, the quality of the user experience determined by relevance, ease of navigation and calls to action. 

Google Ads build upon this good work to target specific types of user at various stages of their purchasing journey. Ads can be used to build awareness of your brand, consideration of your products and services and to directly influence sales.  

We devise a strategy to suit your business. All businesses are different and so we don’t use a “One size fits all” approach. We will work with you to decide the best mix of solutions to address your challenges for your budget. 

We use industry leading tools such as SEMRUSH and SiteBulb to do two things: 

1. To check that your landing pages offer a coherent and useful user experience. This counts. towards your ads quality score and therefore affects the number of impressions you get.

 2. To find keywords and phrases that will trigger your advertisement, placing it in front of people that are searching for the goods or service you supply.The science behind keyword analysis is complex. The most obvious keywords are bid on by the richest companies and a broad match keyword can often trigger ads for searches that have an intent that is unlikely to be helpful. For example a search for the telephone number of a competitor in the same industry is unlikely to be useful to you, but could trigger a broad match keyword describing your industry.

We aim to focus your budget so that your PPC is effective by excluding searches that are unlikely to deliver a useful ‘click’. By systematically excluding the ‘noise’ we can guarantee that your PPC campaign will be successful, even against the most fearsome competitors. 

Sound good? 

Our Skills

We are Certified in three areas of Digital Advertising. Search, Display and Video

Google is the go-to search engine for  92.4% of web searches across all devices.
Search Ads are comprised of a headline, description and URL and appear alongside a viewers Search Results. 
Display ads appear on the web sites that you browse whilst looking for a product or service.
Video Ads are embedded in your YouTube experience

Digital Marketing | PPC | Shropshire

PPC is the art of kickstarting your website in terms of attracting users that are in the market for your services and goods.

We work to objectives agreed upfront and report to you weekly with figures extracted from Google Analytics and Google Ads. We also tell you what changes we have made and what we propose to do next in plain English, supported by detailed analytics. 


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